Do I need to hire a marketer?
You might not.

Discovering the Deeper Bigger Issues in your Business.

You might not have a marketing problem.

No, this isn’t a sales pitch on why a marketer’s job is necessary.

Instead, this is a method of diagnosing and understanding deeper problems. If your business structure or sales model needs work, marketing isn’t going to fix that. 

Excerpt from a Client

The Conversation


“I’d like to increase my companies’ sales.”​


OK, what have you tried?


“We’ve tried SEO, Google/Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, but haven’t received the results we’re looking for.”


Were the search terms they typed relevant to your business?


“Yes, but we didn’t see an increase in sales“


Did you see an increase in web traffic with your last agency?


“Yes, but still we didn’t see an increase in sales“


There are several issues here that need to be further explored, but one thing i’m quickly noticing is that your website is looking dated compared to your competitors


We’ve had the same website design for 10 years, it’s worked very well in the past.“


You don’t have a marketing problem, you have a website problem.

Key Takeaway

You can't solve a problem you haven't Diagnosed.

It’s easy to say, “I need more sales” but it isn’t as simple as turning on ads or flooding your website with content. Every business is unique, with different needs and goals. So instead of looking for someone who’s trying to sell you something, find the person who seeks to understand and diagnose your deeper problems.

When we started this agency, our service was pretty simple. We provide engaging SEO, Ads, and Web Design for companies to improve their visibility and sales. However, It turned into us spending time understanding and diagnosing our client’s business model and goals. You need to communicate with your marketer to achieve the best ideas. You, as the owner, specialist, or team member, are the expert in your area. You’ll have the best deep cuts into your industry that a marketer will never have.

The best plans are formed when my clients give me insights into how their business works; we simply just execute them and bring them to the right people.

Common Misconception

"Well, my business is straightforward, I just need ________"

Lack of discussion is the common approach for most companies and the first big marketing mistake.

There’s a reason why most marketers end up clumping over the same keywords and fighting in an ever-narrowing market, even if the search volume isn’t high. This is due to a lack of communication and insight into who your audience really is. For example, if a divorce attorney approaches me and asks for an advertisement/website in their area, the next questions are:

  • “Who’s your client?”
  • “What demographic do they fall in?”
  • “What kind of cars do they drive?”
  • “Where do they live?”
  • “Are they college educated?”
  • “What are they hoping for, what do they want, what do they admire?”

These questions can help build out very precise marketing plans that narrow down your target demographic. We can have two lawyers in the same geographic area, but both appeal to highly different markets. One lawyer may appeal to people who value structure, fiscal conservatism, power, and success. The other may appeal to those seeking a personal connection, family, collaboration, and fairness. Heck, you may end up bidding on a different set of keywords altogether with low competition and capitalize on a market you weren’t aware of.

To summarize: before jumping headfirst into a marketing plan, re-think your needs and open a dialogue with your marketer or team. Narrow down who, what, and why you’re targeting your audience.


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